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This is the story of Copper.  Copper is a neutered male mixed breed dog born in 2008.  He is owned by Glenn & Vicki Brandjord of Bottineau, ND.


Copper came to see us on May 26th, because he had been hit by a hot oil truck.  He had a large laceration on his belly, he wasn't walking well, and he was bleeding from his mouth.  Dr. Jill examined Copper, then sedated him and took some x-rays of his pelvis to make sure there were no fractures.  No fractures were found but Copper had extensive bruising and "road rash" on his belly in addition to the large laceration.  The wound was cleaned and bandaged.  Due to the extensive injury to the surrounding skin, Dr. Jill decided to delay trying to close the wound with sutures. 


Copper's wound did not heal as quickly as Dr. Jill had hoped and Copper ended up staying in the hospital for a total of 21 days.  Due to the bruising and "road rash" around the large wound, the wound did not get sutured closed until June 14.  Dr. Jill had hoped to do it within a few days after the initial injury, but the wound healing became very complicated.  The wound did develop an infection and Copper had to be anesthetized and the wound debrided several times.  Copper also had daily bandage changes until the wound was sutured closed.  By June 14, the wound was finally healthy enough for closure.  Wound closure was difficult due to the size of the wound and the time that had elapsed since original injury.  Dr. Jill had to make a second incision next to the original wound to release the skin and allow for closure.  Copper went home a couple days after surgery and did wonderful at home.  Nine days after surgery Copper returned to have the sutures removed and the wound repair looked awesome.  This was much to everyone's surprise and enjoyment.


Copper endured a long healing process, many medical procedures, bandage changes, and surgeries.  Through it all he was a SUPER patient and took everything with very little complaint.  He was always happy to see us and go for walks.  He really loved it when his family would come to visit.  We were blessed to have Copper as our patient and Copper is blessed to have such wonderful doggie parents who went above and beyond to see that he received the care he needed. 


Copper continues to do well and is living happily at the Brandjord farm.